Sunday, 23 May 2010

Giuseppe Verdis "AIDA". Royal Opera House London.

This new production by David McVicar had no reference to Egypth at all.
No pyramids or elephants. McVicar has focused mainly on the war and human sacrifice in this production. Yes this is an opera about a war. But we don't see a battle field what so ever.
In "Aida" there is love, loyalty and jealousy. Yes we do get some of that but it doesn't get ground in this production. The singers Marcelo Alvarez as Radames, Micaela Carosi as Aida and Marianne Cornetti as Amneris do their best to show just that but it doesn't go very far.
It was how ever a production worth attending to hear the singers. But that's not the problem.

The problem is the production. When Classicalify bought the ticket we were warned about nudity and blood. And with good intentions. But we have seen blood and nudity before so that didn't come as a suprise. If the director wants us to remember just that and nothing else well he hasn't failed. Getting even ground with the other elements of the story is the problem.
And sadly on an acting level it didn't help either.
But on the other hand how many chances do you get to see "Aida".
Not many. The orchestra of the royal opera house was in good hands under Nicola Luisotti
they performed wonderful as always.

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