Friday, 13 August 2010

Opera Holand Park, London

If you, like some of us on Classicalify do, spend time in London during the summer, why not try out Opera Holland Park? This festival is one of the most distinguished festivals during the summer in the capital. Holland Park offers traditional operas for the common man and also more interesting works for afficionados like Classicalify and friends. Be prepared though to a somewhat "downscaled Glyndebourne" as a friend said... But, skip the picnic, hampers and well-to-do people and go for opera. Because in Holland Park you can see works like Zandonai's "Francesca da Rimini", Montemezzi's "L'amore dei tre Re", Mascagni's "L'amico Fritz" and "La Wally" by Catalani... Every year they put on 5-7 different works and at least two are NOT the usual ones.

This year Classicalify went to "Francesca da Rimini" (Pictured: Jeffrey Black as Gianciotto) and Verdi's "La Forza del destino". Both productions very good, even though La Forza tend to be too long...

Well, next year we will be more than happy to see "L'amico Fritz" and "La Wally". Why don't you join Classicalify for a drink and some music in Holland Park?
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