Sunday, 1 August 2010

Stockholm Pride Concert

Classicalify went to the beautiful Sofia Church in Stockholm last Friday for the "Klassisk Pridekonsert" and was more than happy.

The concert started with some music by Bach - the best of it being "Agnus Dei" sung by the tall, slender alto Susanna Sundberg. The mezzo Hélène Kimblad gave a powerful "Che faro senza Euridice" by Gluck and the part before the interval ended with a tall, boyishlooking baryton, Mattias Elverljung, who sang "Ombra mai fu" from Handel's opera "Xerxes". Classicalify guess he stepped in on short notice... his singing was not to Classicalify's liking. No time to rehears maybe?

After a short interval we had some more Handel, first two parts from "Messiah". Once again Susanna Sundberg gave an impressive performance ("Oh thou tellest...) and she was followed by Linus Flogell, baryton, who sang "Why do the nations..." very powerful.
Beatrice Orler continued with "Dopo notte" from Handel's "Ariodante". Goodlooking young girl with a nice mezzo voice.

The concert ended with the horrifying scene between La Zia Principessa and Sour Angelica, from Puccini's "Sour Angelica". Hélène Kimblad was a scaring Principessa and her power over Sour Angelica, Mira Pyne, could be felt in the air. Mira ended with Sour Angelica's "Senza mamma". Both singers were dressed up and acted in the church. Angelica's kneeling in front of the altar was follow by La Principessa's entrance from the side, cane and all... Very impressive!

The young ensemble played well under the baton of Jacob Laustsen. The different pieces were introduced carfully and dignified by Stockholm Gay Operalover's leading guy, Roger Wallén.

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