Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gluck's "Armida" in Berlin

If you didn't see it in spring 2009, well take your chance now to see baroque opera turned in to a sexy mess... !!! Komische Oper Berlin is tha place ! Performances from November 10 - December 18.

We recommend the performance from ages 16 and up.
Debut performance 1777 - Premiere on 5 April 2009

That lovers have to overcome horrible obstacles in the opera and that the power of love prevails against all reason sounds familiar to us. But what happens, when the heart's enemy consists of the own fear, the fear to lose control and the fear of one's own abysms? Beautiful Armida, blessed with infernal magic powers, has immobilised the armada of the enemy crusaders. Only Rinaldo, the keenest Christian hero has resisted. Torn between fascination and fury, Armida vows vengeance. However, when she finally captures Rinaldo, she cannot kill him. Blinded by shame for her own weakness, she calls her demons to send Rinaldo to »the end of the world«. Armida appeals deeply that ›hate‹, liberates her from her love but finally she has to surrender to the strange feelings. After a short period of common happiness the curse of ›hate‹ comes true: Rinaldo, gripped by ambition, leaves Armida to devote himself again to typically male duties. Gluck presents love as a feeling between self-abandonment and self-fulfilment, embedded in a highly thrilling psychological drama with stunning dramatics and delicate musical mood swings. After »Iphigenie on Tauris«, we present Gluck's 5th reform opera and its wrongly neglected composer. »I admit that I would love to finish my career with this opera«, wrote Gluck. Thanks God he did not do so.

Heroic Drama in five acts by Christoph Willibald Gluck
Libretto by Philippe Quinault
German text version by Bettina Bartz and Werner Hintze
Resumption Wednesday, 10.11.2010, 19:30
Tickets 10 - 62 €
Recommended from 16 years and up
2 hours 45 minutes
Introduction ... 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance, Foyer
Musical direction ... Konrad Junghänel
Staging ... Calixto Bieito
Stage designer ... Rebecca Ringst
Costumes ... Ingo Krügler
Dramaturgy ... Bettina Auer
Choir ... André Kellinghaus
Light ... Franck Evin
Armida ... Elena Semenova
Hidraot ... Carsten Sabrowski
Der Mann mit der Schlange ... Norman Shankle
Artemidoro ... Christoph Schröter
Ubaldo ... Günter Papendell
Der dänische Ritter ... Thomas Ebenstein
Phénice ... Annelie Sophie Müller
Sidonie ... Julia Giebel
Aronte ... Hans-Peter Scheidegger
Der Hass ... Karolina Gumos
Ein Dämon in Gestalt der Melissa ... Anna Borchers
Der Mann mit der Schlange ... Carsten Wykrota

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