Thursday, 20 January 2011

First Listen: Joyce DiDonato, 'Diva, Divo'

After seeing Joyce in "Barbiere" at Covent Garden when she broke her leg and did the performance with a crutch (later in wheelchair) Classicalify is so happy for this new release!!!
Go to NPR and listen for yourself!

Who wears the pants in Joyce DiDonato's house? Well, that would be the American opera singer herself. Occasionally, she even wears them onstage.
That's because DiDonato is a mezzo-soprano, which means she sometimes sings what are called — in opera parlance — "trouser roles," in which a female singer plays a male character.
This playful gender-bending is the theme running through DiDonato's new album, Diva, Divo, which comes out Jan. 25. The album cover depicts it perfectly, with two DiDonatos standing side by side: one in a sleeveless dress, with flowing locks and strands of pearls; the other in a man's suit and tie, with hair slicked back.
In the past few years, DiDonato has become many an opera lover's favorite. And on this sparkling new album, it's easy to hear why. The voice is radiantly gorgeous up and down the registers; she also has a killer technique and a keen sense of drama in the music. Just listen to the sequence at 8:27 into "Se mai senti" from Gluck's Sesto, which culminates on a breathtaking, whisper-soft trill on the Italian word "more."

Read more and listen on NPR until Jan 25:

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