Monday, 18 April 2011

Wagner Festival in Wermland

(Pictures: Walkure and Rheingold in Karlstad).

Classicalify is always looking for new, hot and exceptionell performances around Europe. In Karlstad, Sweden, close to the Norwegian border, The Wermland Opera is doing something VERY special. This small operahouse in the middle of nowhere is playing FIVE complete Wagner Ring Cycles, starting today, April 18. Several of Sweden's most famous local singers are casted...some internationel Swedes also sing the main roles so there will be good singing, we can tell from earlier Wagner experiences in the Karlstad Theatre.

Our big hopes go to Fredrik Zetterström who will debut as Wotan/Wanderer... in the complete Ring, five times... What a killer!!! (Castlist also list Urban Malmberg).

This Five-Ring-Project is to celebrate a one-year closure for refurbishment. Is this a mission to big? Well, we will follow this with interest and Classicalify will attend Ring 3 in June.

Here are the dates for the coming performances:

Ring 1: 18/4 Rhenguldet 20/4 Valkyrian22/4 Siegfried24/4 Ragnarök Ring 2: 6/5 Rhenguldet8/5 Valkyrian13/5 Siegfried15/5 Ragnarök Ring 3: 13/6 Rhenguldet15/6 Valkyrian17/6 Siegfried19/6 Ragnarök Ring 4: 27/6 Rhenguldet29/6 Valkyrian1/7 Siegfried3/7 Ragnarök Ring 5: 8/7 Rhenguldet10/7 Valkyrian15/7 Siegfried 17/7 Ragnarök

As we are hard to sell for Swedish travel companies... So maybe this is to big... We are eagerly waiting for reviews and critics from newspapers and operafriendly blogs! Get back to us and we'll keep you updated.

If you want to experience the city of Karlstad and the beautiful theatre and get yourself a nice Wagner orgasm, log in to The Wermland opera site:

or via email:

Combination with hotel can also be arranged via the operahouse. Of course we also advise you to spend time in the beautiful area of Wermland, Sweden.

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