Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wagner Ring all over...New Swedish Brünnhilde

For the coming Wagner jubilee year 2013, several opera houses are going Ring nuts! We will enjoy Ring Cycles all over, some have already started and will be finished in time. As mentioned earlier, Karlstad in Sweden is going 5-time-Ring-crazy already this year. Hamburg will complete their ring this coming fall. Opera North is starting and doing semi-staged version of the four operas. Here is the cast for The Walkure in june 2012:

Opera North are doing Walkure in Leeds, Gateshead, Salford and Birmingham only. All are semi staged concert performances. The cast list is

Alwyn Mellor - Sieglinde

Annalena Persson - Brünnhilde

Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts - Siegmund

Béla Perencz - Wotan

Katarina Karnéus - Fricka

Clive Bayley - Hunding

Katherine Broderick - Helmwige

Giselle Allen, Miriam Murphy,Emma Carrington, Catherine Hopper,Madeleine Shaw, Antonia Sotgiu - Valkyries

Richard Farnes conductor

Dame Anne Evans artistic consultant

Peter Mumford concert staging, lighting design

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