Thursday, 30 June 2011

Opera Globetrotting

Classicalify crew members are constantly globetrotting for opera. Some days ago we ended up in Brussels and Paris.

In Brussel the main reason was the new production of Meyerbeer's grand opéra "Les Huguenots", directed by Olivier Py. And was it GRAND... Classicalify was very impressed by the scenery, the singers and the orchestra (Marc Minkowski). In the leading roles was Marlis Petersen as Marguerite, Mireille Delunsch as Valentine, Yulia Lezhneva as Urbain and goodlooking Eric Cutler as Raoul de Nangis and several more good singers.

As we suspected, we got ourselves some goodlooking nude dancers (male and female), gay sex and more provocatives... But it never went to far!

A more beautiful city than Brussels is Paris and Classicalify catched the high-speed-train Thalys and was in Paris after 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The goal in Paris were actually two... Placido Domingo as Pablo Neruda in "Il Postino" (comissioned by himself for Los Angeles opera and the role of Neruda written directly for him) and to go to Royal Opera Versaille.

"Il Postino" was played at the Châtelet theatre. And Placido was VERY good and together with Cristina Gallardo-Domas as Neruda's wife, their were magic on stage.

Can you imagine passing about millions of tourist standing in line to get in to the Versaille palace? Well, Classicalify did! You showed your ticket for Vivaldi´s "Teuzzone", conducted by Jordi Savall, and in you went. And we can just say THANK YOU Paris and Versaille for restoring this opera jewel.

Soon Classicalify will show up in another big city in Europe. Have fun!

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