Saturday, 18 June 2011

The sun always shine in Karlstad

There is a saying in Sweden about the city of Karlstad... yeah... The sun always shine in Karlstad! Sure! During Classicalify's stay for the Ring in the Swedish Bayreuth it has been raining cats and dogs during Walküre and Siegfried, and of course during the intervals.

BUT, yesterday during Siegfried the sun really started shining, and the name of the sun was Jonas Durán as Mime. From the talking during the intervals Classicalify understood not many in the audience knew who this guy was. The information on the Wermland Opera webpage tells us this guy was born in Las Palmas, but grew up in Gothenburgh were he was also educated. More education in London and then his career has mostly been concentrated to Karlstad and Malmö.

This was a perfect Mime with a voice big enough for any operahouse in the world. His acting was really something special, and when he climbed almost on top of his disgusting brother Alberich (Marcus Jupither) we all fell in love with him. And of course he got his well deserved bravos after the second act.

Classicalify want you to remember this name: JONAS DURÁN. And he is a tenor!

In "Siegfried" Fredrik Zetterström was back as Wotan/Wanderer and we were thankful for that. Such power and well balanced voice. Marcus Jupither, a big sice Alberich, is frightening good.

Pär Lindskog as Siegfried is hard to describe...sometimes he shines, sometimes he drops to non-accepted-levels... Classicalify know he also sung Siegfried in Stockholm, but we are not sure this is the right part for him.

To sum up this almost 5-hour long third night Classicalify is happy to rate it 4 stars with a 5-star Mime.

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