Friday, 10 June 2011

Vienna now and forever.

It was a long wait for tickets but now the wait was finaly over and we at classicalify packed our bags and went to Vienna to attend this weeks performance of Tchaikovskys opera Eugen Onegin with Swedish baryton singer Peter Mattei in the lead role and his debut at Staatsoper.
And he proves once more that he loves the part. His voice is warm and full of power that sometimes it makes you cry. And we did. His acting is marvelous and powerful as Onegin has shot his friend Lenski sang by Marius Brenciu he embraces the dead body and burst into tears as the curtain falls for intermission.
Falk Richters production is set in a snowy Russia with fake snow raining in the background on the embraced couples representing the love theme of this classic opera. The production is modern with Tatjanas bed in the shape of square blocks of ice. Square blocks of ice also serves as a bar in the second act.
Maija Kovalevska is wonderful in the part and with Mattei a great combination. She has a good voice and she plays the part as you have seen it before without anything new added. Which is a bit sad.
Michael Güttler leads the chorus and orchestra with a steady hand and the music is powerful and moving. All though classicalify wonders if Barenboim or Levine had given it more edge.
In the end a very exciting evening with great music and singers. Mattei beeing the main reason we went. Two days before the performance we went to Musikverein to hear Staatskapelle Berlin. Conducted by Pierre Boulez and Daniel Barenboim at the piano.
A good program but not the greatest. Richard Wagners Faust Overture and Lizt piano concerto number one and two plus Wagner again and the Siegried idyll.
A wonderful orchestra and piano player but the program could have been better but it was worth it to hear Barenboim who is a wonderful pianoplayer and mastered the two piano concertos with great feeling. Boulez is a great musical personality and gives the orchestra no more than needed. A good program but over much to quickly. The next day we had tickets for a recital of Mahler and Korngold with Thomas Hampson but unfortunatly the concert was cancelled due to illnes. That's life. But another day of shopping and drinks at Café Mozart is not bad either.
If you want to get tickets to Wiener Staatsoper you can apply for standby tickets at
when the program of the opera house is official. Or simply write a letter as early as possible to the opera house when you read or hear rumors about a production.

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