Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jonas cancel Japan, but NOT Stockholm!

"Dear Friends,

I regret very much having to tell you that I will unfortunately not be able to sing the performances of Carmen for you next month. I was so looking forward to coming to Japan now and I want to assure everyone that this decision has nothing do with the difficult issues you have had to face in Japan in these last months.

The fact is that I need to have an operation to remove a node in my thoracic area. I do not wish anyone to become alarmed reading this, but my physicians have ordered me to have the surgery as soon as possible. This will take place after my appearance in Stockholm on September 2.

I am pretty sure that the results of the histological examination will come up "benign" but as I said, this procedure could not be further delayed.I am extremely sorry I must cancel my trip to Japan and thus disappoint many friends. From my previous appearances in Japan, I have the most lovely memories of the audience there as especially enthusiastic, knowledgeable and kind. I have always regarded the great affection lavished on me there as an exceptional honor.

I therefore hope for the understanding of those of you who empathize with my situation, or who may even have been in a similar position themselves, and I hope to come to you as soon as possible in the future.

With warm regards,

Jonas Kaufmann"

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