Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lucerne Festival in Summer 2011. Symphony concert 3.

Lucerne Festival Orchestra
Radu Lupu piano
Claudio Abbado conductor
Johannes Brahms piano concerto nr 1 in d-major
Richard Wagner Lohengrin prelude
Gustav Mahler Adagio from symphony nr 10

Classicalify has once again packed the bags and traveled to the small Swiss town of Lucerne and Lucerne Festival in summer. The Lucerne Festival Orchestra and Claudio Abbado the main reason we go. Helene Grimaud was originaly announced as soloist but just a few months before the festival started the festivals facebook group posted a statement that due to "artistic differences" Helene Grimaud and Claudio Abbado has desided not to cooperate in Brahms first piano concerto. Radu Lupu will play instead. We can only wonder about the real cause. Radu Lupu was a welcomed choice. He is one of the few soloists who puts the music first and lets his hands float over the keyboard. But with strong integrity. The piano concerto is in three movements and was composed by Brahms when he was only 25. He had lost his friend Robert Schumann and the first movement describes the feeling of shock and despair. The whole concerto also has another influence. Beethovens third piano concerto and Mozarts piano concerto nr 20. This concerto has many technical difficulties but that is no match for this de luxe orchestra with well experienced chamber players who know their conductor very well.
They communicate with eyes. One look says it all. Intermission followed and a glas of champagne is standard. Afterwords the prelude from Lohengrin came and went (it was beautiful). But to short. Then without delay Mahlers famous last adagio from his unfinished symphony nr 10. If there is anything that this orchestra does like no other it is Mahler.
And Claudio knows Mahler inside out. Everything was perfect. Afterwords the same ritual of applaus that happens every year. It is magical. More reviews to follow on other concerts.

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