Monday, 15 August 2011

Lucerne Festival orchestra brass ensemble. Chamber Music.

Lucerne Festival Orchestra brass ensemble

Lutz Köhler conductor

Mussorgsky: A night on the bald mountain

Songs and dances of death. arranged for brass ensemble by Steven Verhaert.

Pictures on an exhibition

Chamber music is something very special and what better way to experience chamber music than in Lucerne. Every year members of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra performes chamber music of the highest quality in Lucerne. The brass ensemble performs every year and this year it was russian composer Modest Mussorgsky on the programe. A classic program of the composers most famous works arranged for brass ensemble. The concert meister of the ensemble is Reinhold Friedrich. What better way than to start the first act of the concert with a night on the bald mountain. A fantastic piece about a witches sabbath on a mountain at midnight. Under the baton of Lutz Köhler the piece realy came alive. A black mass to please the devil is realy suitable for the festivals theme of night. The next piece was a premiere of an arrangement for brass ensemble by brass player Steven Verhaert. Songs and dances of death is realy a poetic piece about a mothers anxietes over her ailing child. A wonderful arrangement that was performed to excellence by the ensemble. After the break the famous pictures on an exhibition is often performed by symphony orchestras but works very well with brass ensembles as well. It starts with a promenade around paintings and ends at the great square of Kiev. A classic among the orchestral repetoare. And with an ensemble like this classicalify feels overjoyed.

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