Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lucerne Festival Summer. Symphony concert 6.

Lucerne Festival Orchestra
Claudio Abbado conductor
Christine Schäfer soprano
Mozart arias: Misera la colomba. Ah non son Io che parlo. Ah lo previdi.
Ah, tinvola. Vorrei spiegarvi, oh dio.
Bruckner symphony nr 5

We arrived yesterday at the final concert of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra and Claudio Abbado.
Sold out of course, and a rain of flowers from the abbadiani fan club as always.
Christine Schäfers voice is wonderful for Mozart and very delicate. She has a voice of average quality but not a voice product. She sang arias of lost love and departure and abandonment.
Very common themes in opera and symphonic music. She has great articulation and breathing.
It was a performance in the art of singing in many ways. One of the better singers Claudio has brought to Lucerne besides Anna Larsson and Elina Garanca. After the break Bruckners fifth symphony was performed even better than fridays concert. I love this orchestra. And now we have to wait another year for until we see them again in Lucerne. The program for next year includes the finaly of Claudios Mahlers cycle. The monumental symphony of a thousand. Nr 8.

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