Thursday, 29 September 2011

Grand russian Opera

Sergei Prakofiev's impressive and grand opera "War and Peace" is seldom staged (if you see it you'll understand why), so given the opprotunity, Classicalify went from London to Cologne, Germany for a grand occasion.

The opera is based on the novel "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, and composed in the beginning of the 1940's. First performances were of different parts of the opera at the end of the 1940's. The 13-scenes version (several versions excists) became popular during the 1950's.

The version used in Cologne is 13 scenes made into two parts with an interval between. This is probably one of the hardest operas to stage and to cast, you need about 30 soloists where some is also singing several roles. You need extra chorus, children, people, people and more people...

The production in Cologne is well sung in all parts and the staging is massive. You do get the big battle (Napoleon's invasion of Moscow), you get fire, you get the new years ball, you get rape, you get Napoleon Bonaparte, russion war prisoners, french drunk soldiers...

If you EVER have the possibility to see this masterpiece of opera, just go!

The conducting from young Michael Sanderling was brilliant and impressive!


Fürst Andrej Bolkonski
Johannes Martin Kränzle
Natascha Rostowa
Olesya Golovneva
Sonja / 2. französische Schauspielerin
Adriana Bastidas Gamboa
Gastgeber / Iwanow
Alexander Fedin
Dalia Schaechter
Peronskaja / 1. französische Schauspielerin
Kathleen Parker
Graf Ilja Rostow / Marschall Davout
Wilfried Staber
Graf Pierre Besuchow
Matthias Klink
Gräfin Hélène Besuchowa
Katrin Wundsam
Anatole Kuragin
Mirko Roschkowski
Leutnant Dolochow / Capitaine Jacqueau
Daniel Golossov
Werner Sindemann
Fürstin Marja Bolkonskaja
Regina Richter
Fürst Nikolaj Andrejewitsch Bolkonski / General Belliard
Magnús Baldvinsson
Sandra Janke
Anthony Sandle
Doktor Métivier / Marschall Berthier
Johann-Werner Prein
Matias Tosi
Ordonnanzoffizier des Fürsten Andrej
Philipp Hoferichter
Miljenko Turk
Adjutant des Generals Compans
Jeongki Cho
Adjutant des Generals Murat
Gustavo Quaresma Ramos
Adjutant des Fürsten Eugène / Gérard
Ralf Rachbauer
de Beausset
Martin Koch
Capitaine Ramballe
Dennis Wilgenhof
Leutnant Bonnet
John Heuzenroeder
Ein französischer Offizier
Sévag Serge Tachdjian
Platon Karatajew
Manfred Fink
Chor der Oper Köln

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