Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Drottningholm 2012

Opera performances:
"This summer at Drottningholm we will be dipping into two of the richest myths of our western culture: the ancient Greek epic recounting the exploits of Jason and Medea, and the mediƦval legend of Roland. They are united by a fascination with the unfathomable experience of human love. Jason falls in love with Medea, but isn't she a sorceress? Orlando is in love with Angelica, but it's a love that sends him mad. We talk of the magic and madness of love even today, and, what's more, both stories deal with love across cultural and religious boundaries… So-called forbidden love. But isn't this a non sequitur?"Mark Tatlow, Artistic Director

Jason & Medea, read more

Orlando paladino, read more

Tickets are on sale for the two operas. Tickets for Peter Mattei will be released on March 27.

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