Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bartok, Eötvös, Ligeti.

Today, nobody is missing spotify on their computer or iPhone.
What's great about Spotify is that you will also have recommendations and listening tips. Today when I logged in, I found a recording of Bela Bartok's violin concert and also the music of Ligeti and Eötvös.

Bartok wrote his second violin concerto to his friend Zoltán Székely who asked Bartok to write concerto in three movements instead of one that Bartok himself wanted.
It is written in Verbunkos style. Verbunkos is a Hungarian dance and music style from the 1800s. It is characterized by virtuosic fast passages and characteristic rythm points.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja plays with technical perfection and with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Peter Eötvös, it works very well. They both know each other and you can feel the interaction between the soloist and conductor.
The second piece is a recording premiere of Peter Eötvös piece "Seven". Composed in 2003 the title  refers to the accident of space shuttle colombia.

If you are open to new music than you wont be disappointed. Very intressting piece and worth listening to.

When composer and conductor Györgi Ligeti passed away in 2006 a piece of modern music history went with it. His music can be heard in some of the most popular films of today. Kubrick was sued for alternating his music in 2001 a space odyssey. Kubrick used him further on in "The Shining" and "Eyes Wide Shut".

His micro-polyphony compositions are extrodinary and his Violin Concerto performed here by Ensemble Modern and Kopatchinskaja is outstanding. Strange music some people might say but composed with intellect and heart I say. So log on to spotify and listen to this marvelous music or buy the record itself. It's worth having. It's a jungle out there with violin players we know but  Kopatchinskaja is worth listening to.

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